Art, Perception, and the Search for Intrinsic Worth.

"What do I see before knowing what it is that I am looking at?"

(Contribution toward a genetic phenomenology of seeing as it pertains to the origin of Art.)

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Last updated on March 27, 2001

"Things are not what they appear to be, nor are they otherwise!"

We are trapped in our experience of "the world" by our language and by our deep-seated projects. At a common-sense level, we see only that which we can label and/or that which "fits within our plans."
Most of us will have died unaware of the unexplicable/unexplained nature of what we call "reality."
The consequences of assuming that "we know what reality is" are horrifying for us all.
This assumption condemns us to frantically search in "special" circumstances for what can only be found in  our most ordinary occasion, this present moment, this event, this time.

The following digitally created images are presented as a contribution to the  investigation of the "ordinary," away from the surfeit and vulgar that have become the norm of our decaying culture.There will  be scanned images of my "natural media" work at a later date (not a priority right now). Images are grouped in numbered series. Each group is a variation on a theme. These variations are limited in number by my computer system storage capabilities. (If the possibilities are truly endless, the storage capabilities are not). Indeed, each variation can itself become the starting point of new explorations, ad infinitum... This electronic medium opens up horizons that we are barely beginning to sense. This is very different from "natural media" and we have yet to really show that difference. I hope to explore and present, on this site, many of the possibilities the future will send my way. The "cleanliness" of computer generated images seems to be a handicap as it makes it too easy to avoid "mud," especially when compared with "natural media." Yet, "mimicking" the appearance of "natural media" does not feel right at this time. And thinking in terms of "output" (printing) confines the possibilities of this medium to less than it can offer. Taking the output into consideration also makes the work  less intuitive, less "direct." A rather large amount of RAM seems to be needed for direct/intuitive work. A fast machine also! All this being said, there is still something missing in "digital work" (mine included). It reminds me of what an "old timer" said about modern cheese making results:

"They took the manure out of the cheese!"

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Group A Group B Group C
Group D Group E Group F
Group G Group H Group I
Group J
work done with Studio Artist 1.5a
and Painter 6.03
Group K
work done exclusively in
Studio Artist 1.5
Group L
work done exclusively in
Painter 6.03

Please note that these images are presented in chronological order ( more or less,  as I often revisit earlier work)
(See more images below!)

See examples of 2D animation (strictly digital):

The link below will take you to my new web site: (under construction)

May 2014 update: go to my Vimeo page, lots of recent movies there, many n HD:

Visit my gallery at AWN (Animation World Network)
Lots of natural media works, and digital images and 2D animtion.
Read my article on the "4ème carrefour de l'e-mage"
(Fourth Crossroads of the e-mage) in the Animation World Magazine

More natural media work available here

More images and groups yet to come as this site is under construction, it is a "work in progress."

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Tribute to Frank Vervoort

My  images and this site are  created on a fine computer, a Power Macintosh 8500/G3 (400/200/1 MB)

The most often used application is Fractal Design Painter (now Corel) Painter, along with the Mac OS, convinced me that serious art work could be done on a computer

NEW! "Studio Artist" is an application that just came my way and it is a fabulous tool.
It is much more in tune with the digital process than anything else I have ever tried, highly recommended.

Group Jshows samples that were made by starting an image in Painter and bringing it into Studio Artist and vice versa.

Studio Artist
holds much potential for animation work. See these QuickTime movies

Background images or paintings?

Illustration ideas

This is a link to my daughter Yolande's  page (lots of paintings/images made with Color It! and Enhance)

This link is to a list of several very helpful sites.

Painter is a "must have" in the arsenal of digital media tools, a unique application.
To jeopardize it for the sake of crass commercial interests (e-commerce)

is absolutely stupid, extremely shortsighted!

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Visit Thomas Lindstrom's MetaScream site (click on the image or on the red button).

 Trash can made by Dave Kyte

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