"Who am I?"

It really boils down to this, does it not?
One's work and life can be spent running away from this fundamental question.
Or one's life and work can be gained probing it!
The quality of one's work and life is conditioned by the quality (or lack ) of the encounter one sustains with that question.
Our (my) time is up (or just about) and as the Dalai Lama says: "if you want to die well, you must learn to live well!"
The choice we (I) make constantly is between "Having" and "Being."
And an excess of "Having" does not, cannot compensate for a lack of "Being."
We are under tremendous pressure to conform to a very materialistic model of living, to the point of even surrendering to "spiritual fast food!"
To put the question to sleep does not mean it has been answered! To deny death does not mean we (I) will live longer!
Is art/life yet another activity by which we (I) fit in, or is it about uncovering/creating/contributing that which we (I) alone can (re)present
It is amazing to see that the acknowledgment of one's ignorance as to "who/what one is" does not diminish the quality of one's search/work, but on the contrary makes it more meaningful, not only to oneself (that would already be a vital gain),  but equally to (some) others who are after all, like each and every one of us: "alone with others!"

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