Alberto Giacometti 1901-1966

Swiss painter/sculptor.

"The sense of depth begets silence, drowns objects in silence."
Alberto Giacometti.

Self portraits ( 1 and 2), pencil on paper
drawing  1drawing  2

Alberto Giacometti.

Three paintings, oil on canvas
Three portraits:
"Annette" (his wife) "His mother""Jean Genêt"

Jean Genêt.

Two sculptures (bronze)
"Grande tête" side view"Grande tête" frontal view

"What interests me in all paintings is resemblance--that is, what is resemblance for me: something which makes me discover more of the world."

(He was commenting on working with his brother Diego posing as model.)

Painting, oil on canvas
Alberto Giacometti.
(He made this remark after a trip to the movie theater.)

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