Paul Cézanne 1839-1906

"The artist concretizes and individualizes.

"Art is a religion. Its aim is the elevation of thought.
"For the artist, to see is to conceive and to conceive is to compose.
"Genius is the power of renewing one's emotion by contact with everyday life.
"The pursuit of novelty and originality is a false need that poorly conceals banality or lack of temperament.

"A minute in the world's life passes! to paint it in its reality! and forget everything for that. To become that minute, be the sensitive plate,
. . .give the image of what we see, forgetting everything that has appeared before our time.
"He who does not have a taste for the absolute is satisfied with tranquil mediocrity."
Paul Cézanne

Paintings, oil on canvas
"Quarry-Bibémus" "Mont Ste-Victoire 1902" "Sous-bois provençal"
"Houses on the hill""Corner-Quarry"

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